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Who We are..?

Future Vision is a premier English language learning center set up with the aim of providing impeccable quality training to enable learners of various backgrounds,needs and purposes to use language effectively and proficiently thus it becomes a learning for life .   at future vision we ensure that impeccable quality training is imparted to all the learners and their ultimate purpose is met.

We offer a wide range of language training programmes in spoken English. (BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, AND ADVANCED) IELTS training, total immersion programme, corporate training to cater to different learners needs.

We are specialists in language teaching with extensive knowledge and experience in this field.we have an unrelenting commitment to maintain and improve the quality of our courses to ensure that the best is always given to learners.it is this dedication to quality that makes our course highly effective with a quanti fiable and long lasting.

Our Objectives:

  • To help you attain quantifiable result and meet your purpose in the course of your choice.
  • To set a benchmark in language training and help learners acquire an effective communication level.
  • To have a satisfied body of students who will continue to spread our good name and reputation.

Salient Features:

  • Grammar classes through discussions and drills.
  • Focus on building commonly used vocabulary.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Group discussion & Topic talks.
  • Personality development tips.


Our class rooms are well ventilated, airy and equipped with computers, well stocked books, projector.

How different are We?

At future vision we value the time and money spent by the learners and take every effort to give the best of training to each one so that the purpose of enrolling in the course is absolutely served. We assess the development of the learners constantly and give extra care if anyone is found lagging behind. The friendly or rather homely atmosphere makes the learners even the ones with inhibitions free to interact and speak in the class which certainly helps them develop their speaking skills.

We never see language teaching as a business rather it is a passion and a deep commitment to the students,our enrollment records show 99% of the admissions are through word of mouth. we have succeeded in building up a satisfied body of students and establishing ourselves as a brand. it is this commitment that has made us the most trusted place to learn .

Introduction of Trainer:

LIZA MEHTA is an educationist and entrepreneur, is post graduated masters in English literature, MBA in administration. Earlier she successfully trained IELTS & SPOKEN ENGLISH STUDENTS in Ahmadabad, recently she has joined Future Vision English Language Lab as working partner in IELTS and spoken English. She is known for her teaching quality. This course is designed for all level of students with a special focus on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and build oratory skills through group discussion & individual presentation.